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Our Priorities

Providing transformative learning experiences, attract and retain top-tier teachers, and strengthen family and community engagement.

Creating and Maintaining Safe Learning Environments

for All Students and Staff:

Every child deserves to feel secure in their educational environment. I will continue to prioritize measures that ensure safety and security for all.

Investing in Mental Wellness for Student


Recognizing the vital connection between mental wellness and academic success, I will continue to advocate for resources and programs that support students' mental health, ensuring they come to school ready and able to learn.

Supporting Staff Mental Wellness

Our educators are the cornerstone of our educational system. I will allocate resources and support systems to prioritize the mental wellness of teachers, recognizing the demanding nature of their profession and its impact on student success.

Access to Transformative Learning Experiences

Education is the cornerstone of success. As a School Board Member, I am dedicated to ensuring that every student, irrespective of their background, abilities, or circumstances, has equal access to innovative and inspiring learning opportunities. As a school board member, I will tirelessly work to break down barriers and create inclusive environments where all students can thrive and cultivate their passion for knowledge.

Recruiting and Retaining Top-Tier Teachers

Exceptional teachers are the backbone of our education system. As a School Board Member, I will continue to enact policies that allow for strategies to attract and retain the best educators, ensuring that our students receive the high-quality instruction they deserve.

Strengthening Family and Community Engagement

Education is a collaborative effort. I will continue to foster strong partnerships between schools, families, and communities to ensure that every child has the support they need to thrive academically and personally.

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