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Demonstrated Excellence 30+ Years as a Mother, Educator, District leader, & Community Leader

Meet Zipporah

School Board Member – District 5, Prince George’s County Public Schools

K- 12 Educator, Prince George’s County Public Schools and Anne Arundel County Public Schools

National Education Leadership – National Science Teacher’s Association

Higher Education – Towson University



Zipporah's roots trace back to Nairobi, Kenya, where she was born to Ambassador

Alfred Machayo and Mrs. Florence Machayo. From the outset, her parents were

steadfast in cultivating a profound appreciation for learning and emphasizing the

significance of education in shaping a purposeful life.


In her journey through life, Zipporah found a partner in Peter Charles Miller, a seasoned

educator with over three decades of experience in the K-21 education sector. Peter's commitment lies in guiding and mentoring young minds, exemplifying a shared dedication to the transformative power of education.

Their family extends to two remarkable sons, each embodying the family's strong ethos of education and service. David, a proud graduate of Bowie State University, holds a

degree in Biology and a master’s in public health from the Uniformed Services

University. Currently serving as a first Lieutenant in the Army, David epitomizes the

family's commitment to applying knowledge for the betterment of society.


Meanwhile, Daniel, the younger son, stands on the cusp of academic achievement as a

high school senior with aspirations to study Chemical Engineering at Rice University.

His prowess in hurdles on the track is a testament to his dedication to excellence.


In essence, the Miller family not only values education as a cornerstone of their identity, but also channels their knowledge and skills towards making a meaningful impact

through service to others.


Dr. Miller's passion lies in advocating for equitable access to high-quality education

opportunities for all students, irrespective of their backgrounds. Her commitment to

ensuring equal educational opportunities is not just a professional calling but a personal

mission ingrained in her journey from Nairobi to international diplomatic circles and

academic achievements. Dr. Miller stands as a testament to the transformative power of

education and her unwavering dedication to fostering educational equity on a global


Beyond her work with professional organizations, Dr. Miller made a significant impact in

the textbook industry. While sought out by several companies, she collaborated with

Pearson (now known as Savvas) as a lead author for two K-8 science programs:

Interactive Science and Elevate Science. These programs have been widely adopted

across the United States in various school districts and internationally, including

countries like Dubai. In this capacity, Dr. Miller not only served as an author but also

worked collaboratively with teachers, school leaders, and central office staff to

successfully implement the programs once adopted at the district or school level. Her

commitment to advancing science education transcends borders, leaving a lasting

impact on curriculum development and teaching practices.

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